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Birdwatching in the Czech Republic

CSO presents its co-operation with Czech leading birdwatching company ETOURS TRAVEL - birding and nature tours for groups and individuals since 1991.
The city of Prague is a very rich mosaic of different habitat types. This variety is due to diverse urban habitats and the special configuration of the Prague basin and the Vltava valley. Apart from various types of built-up space, this relatively small area includes also thermophilic steppe formations, meadows, arable land, parks of different size and even places with continuous woods. Naturally, this habitat diversity brings diversity in bird species. So far, about 130 species have been confirmed to breed in Prague, other species winter there or can be found during migration.
The complete list of the avifauna of the Czech Republic was published in 1995. (Hudec et al. 1995: (The birds of the Czech Republic): Sylvia 31: 97-149 (in Czech with an English summary)). It names all the bird species recorded in the wild between 1800 and 1994. In the area of what is now the Czech Republic, 390 bird species have been recorded.

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