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Article: Would you like to support us?

The Czech Society for Ornithology strives for conservation of wild birds and their habitats. However, this work is very demanding and usually also quite costly. A number of activities are funded from projects and membership fee but direct donations are extremely helpful in leading our effort to a successful end. With your financial help we can make a real difference!

Your support will be highly appreciated, even if you can donate just a smaller amount of money.

You can choose between two options how to support us. Either you can send us a general donation or support a specific project or particular activity such as:
- Ornithological Park Josefov Meadows
- publication of our magazines and promotional materials,
- public awareness campaigns (Bird of the Year, Nature–friendly Agriculture and others),
- birdwatching events (Dawn Chorus Day, European Birdwatch),
- the Important Bird Areas Programme – conservation of the most valuable bird sites ,
- conservation and monitoring of a particular species (currently Common Swift and Common Tern),
- many other activities...

For more information please contact Zdeněk Vermouzek at vermbirdlife.cz.

Help us on voluntary basis

You can also help us significantly without giving a direct financial support.
You can:
- help to look for sponsors/funds for our projects
- tell friends, colleagues about CSO and ask them to support CSO

Co-operation with business is welcomed!

Business companies have an increasing impact on biodiversity. At the same time, forward-looking businesses are ever more aware that the use of natural resources must be sustainable. Maintaining, restoring and enhancing biodiversity is our common interest. We consider co-operation between a nature conservation NGO and private sector necessary for sustaining natural resources.

Birds are beautiful and popular animals, but they are also very vulnerable and need our help. At the same time, they are significant indicators of environment quality. Important bird sites are usually the most valuable natural areas with high biodiversity, but they are the most threatened ones as well. You can also help to preserve these natural values!

We seek to work together with business towards sustainable use of natural resources. We particularly wish to engage where our skills can make a special contribution. To measure and manage the impact of development on biodiversity, good data and indicators are needed. Birds are excellent indicators of biodiversity and environmental sustainability. As a part of Birdlife Partnership across the world, we document and monitor birds and habitats, developing datasets on status and trends which build from local to national to global levels.

Our main work programme is science-based practical conservation with the emphasis on protection of areas with highest bird diversity and densities, and policy work involving sustainable land development, agriculture and transport systems.

There are many issues we can work together on – from land use planning, protection of Important Bird Areas and natural sites designated under EU legislation, to professional training exchanges and volunteer activities such as bird censuses.

Co-operation on bird conservation can help you enhance both the local and global image of your company, but also attract new clients and develop relationships with investors. Promotion of your company in all our publications and at our events will be ensured if you decide to co-operate with us.

You are welcome to contact us at our address and at vermbirdlife.cz, tel./fax: +420 274 866 700.

We will be glad to meet you and present our activities and possible ways of co-operation to you.

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