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Bird of the Year
(campaign based on brochure with questionnaire and media releases)

The bird species for the particular year is selected by the CSO board and after the brochure is published, a public awareness campaign is launched. The main aim of the campaign is to give information on the distribution, numbers, biology of and threats to the selected species which people are familiar with. Another important goal is to explain main conservation and research topics, inform about simple ways of species protection and involve public in these activities.

Swift - Bird of the Year 2004

List of species in previous campaigns (Czech name of the species is given in brackets)

1992 Barn Swallow (Vlaštovka obecná)
1993 Redstart (Rehek zahradní)
1994 White Stork (Čáp bílý)
1995 Lapwing (Čejka chocholatá)
1996 Red-backed Shrike (Ťuhýk obecný)
1997 Barn Owl (Sova pálená)
1998 Partridge (Koroptev polní)
1999 White Wagtail (Konipas bílý)
2000 Kingfisher (Ledňáček říční)
2001 Jackdaw (Kavka obecná)
2002 Kestrel (Poštolka obecná)
2003 House Sparrow (Vrabec domácí)
2004 Swift (Rorýs obecný)
2005 Eurasian Skylark (Skřivan polní)
2006 White-tailed Eagle (Orel mořský)
2007 Nightingale (Slavík obecný)
2008 Black-headed Gull (Racek chechtavý)
2009 Dipper (Skorec vodní)
2010 Cuckoo (Kukačka obecná)
2011 Yellowhammer (Strnad obecný)

Spring arrival

Spring arrival of a selected widely known bird species (e.g. Swallow, Cuckoo, Skylark, White Wagtail, White Stork) is observed by wide public. The event is usually highly promoted by media.
The main aim of the campaign is to involve public into a simple field work and thus draw attention to birds and their protection.
In 2004, spring arrival of the White Stork was observed. Similar events were organised for the Swallow, Cuckoo, Skylark and White Wagtail in the last decade.

Dawn Chorus Day
(spring event, focused on arrival of birds and identification of birds by voice)

Morning birdwatching trips for CSO members as well as wide public, guided by skilled ornithologists. People celebrate the arrival of birds, learn to identify them and their voices and get basic information about their protection.
In total, 60 events were held throughout the country in 2004.

Excursion in Important Bird Area Hermansky stav- Odra - Poolzi. Photo A. Duncan

World/European Birdwatch
(autumn event, focused on bird migration)

Birdwatching trips for CSO members as well as wide public, guided by skilled ornithologists.
The event is held every year in the second weekend in October.
On the same date, the Birdwatch is organised throughout Europe (and every second year worldwide) by partner organisations of BirdLife International.
People celebrate the phenomenon of bird migration, learn to identify them and their voices and get basic information about their protection. The event is accompanied with numerous activities such as talks, demonstration of bird ringing, slide shows, exhibitions, children competition etc.

During October 2004, the 2nd World Bird Festival will be celebrated throughout the world. The main global event within the festival will be the 6th WORLD BIRDWATCH to be held during the weekend of 2-3 October, when numerous field trips, outings, exhibitions etc. will be organised in different countries. More information on the international World Bird Festival can be found at http://worldbirdfestival.org

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